Eugene Soh is a disabled artist of Singapore.  He was encouraged by his mother to start learning painting since he was 11 years old.

Unfortunately, when he was 15 years old, Eugene had to undergo a major operation to remove blockage in his spinal cord. Thereafter, he was using wheelchair to move around till now.

Disabled does not mean unable. Eugene completed his B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. Thereafter, he also completed post-graduate diploma on System Analysis and had worked in IT field for many years. He is now a full time artist.

To Eugene, Art is everywhere, the depository of his travel memories with his wife and expression of his faith in God are the mainstay of his artistic inspirations.

Eugene is one of the 13 Very Special Arts (VSA) artists selected for the 1999 Maybank-VSA Pair with An Artist Programme. His works had been exhibited at the Maybank Gallery (Malaysia), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery (Singapore).

Eugene's art work was collected by many individual as well as companies and organization.

In 2000, Eugene was also one of the 7 artists chosen to participate in the Hakaren Gallery-VSA "Five Elements" Art Exhibition at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

In 2003, Eugene was the proud Silver Medalist when he was selected to represent Singapore to participate in the 6th International Abilympics competition in New Delhi, India.

In 2007, Eugene excelled during local selection and again was selected as one of the delegates to represent Singapore to participate in the 7th International Abilympics competition in Shizuoka Japan.

In 2008-2010, Eugene was invited to participate in the annual arts exchange program in Taiwan. His arts were exhibited on the second floor of the east and west cultural corridor of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on 30-Nov till 12-Dec

In 2010, Eugene won the 2010 Ocean Artist of the year 1st place award in the International art competition organized by the AsiaDiver and ScubaDiver. Detail can be viewed on internet.

In 2011, Eugene participated in the biannual Hwa Chong alumni arts exhibition where his painting was sold during the exhibition.

In 2013, Eugene again participated in his Alma mater Alumni-Hwa Chong Alumni arts exhibition where two of his paintings were sold during the exhibition at the price of S$2800 and S$3000.

In 2014, Eugene won The Best Artwork for the Conservation of Coral Reefs 1st place award in the International art competition “Voice Of the Ocean 2014” organized by the AsiaDiver and ScubaDiver. Detail can be viewed on internet.

Eugene is also a para table tennis athlete represented Singapore for 2011 & 2014 Asean Para Games (APG) on table tennis. During 2014 APG held in Myanmar, Eugene clinched 2 bronzes in Open Single and Team event. He also participated in many charity events where his paintings were sold to raise fund for Singapore National Paralympic Council & Table Tennis Association for the Disabled Singapore.

名字 : 蘇有仁,


蘇有仁是一位新加坡殘障藝術家, 11 歲時由母親鼓勵, 開始學習繪畫。很不幸的, 當有仁15 歲時,必須進行一項大脊髓手術。之後, 他在行動上就必ll 須使用輪椅,一直到現在。

殘障不意味殘廢。1987年, 有仁自新加坡國立大學畢業,完成了他的數學學士學位。之後, 有仁仍舊孜孜不倦,他完成了電腦專業技術訓練課程, 並曾在IT領域工作多年,從事電腦軟體編寫。他現在是一位全職藝術家.

有仁已婚,繪畫是他的最大興趣和享受。他利用工餘的時間不斷地從事繪畫, 並極積參加繪畫課程,不斷加強學習, 增進自己的繪畫水準。

對有仁來說ll f, 藝術是無處不在的。他與妻子的旅行記憶, 美好的風景, 身邊的事物, 並且對上帝的信念都是他藝術創作的原動力。


1999 年, 在Maybank-VSA藝術家交流項目中。有仁是13 位新加坡特殊才藝藝術協會(Very Special Arts of Singapore VSA)當中的一位藝術家, 被檢選參加這項藝術家交流活動。 當時, 他的畫作被陳列在Maybank(馬來西亞)的畫廊以及新加坡南洋藝術學院畫廊。

2000 年, 有仁是7 位藝術家當中的一位被檢選參加Hakaren 畫廊 在Sheraton 新加坡所主辦的"五個元素" 畫展。

2003 年, 有仁被獲選代表新加坡參加第6 屆在印度新德里舉辦的國際Abilympics 繪畫競賽, 並榮幸的獲得了銀牌獎。

2007 年, 有仁再被選擇作為代表新加坡參加第7 屆國際Abilympics的繪畫競賽。這回的比賽地點設在日本的靜岡。

2008-2010 年, 有仁應邀參加一年一度在台灣舉行的藝術交流活動。他的藝術作品於11月30月至12月12日被陳列在臺灣國父紀念館二樓的東,西文化走廊。

2010年, 在一項由AsiaDiver和ScubaDiver舉辦的國際藝術繪畫比賽, 有仁還榮獲了2010年度海洋藝術家獎第一名。詳情可查於互聯網

2011年, 有仁參加了兩年一次的華中校友繪畫藝術展,他的作品在展會期間售出。


2014年,在一項由AsiaDiver和ScubaDiver舉辦的2014年國際藝術繪畫比賽, 有仁赢得了“海洋之音2014” 的奖励保护珊瑚礁的最佳作品奖的第一名。详细信息可以在互联网上ll 观看。

Title : "Celebrating SG50 -  One Nation, Vibrant City."

Size : 16"x18".

Medium : Mixed media on stretched canvas. (I will frame this before the exhibition)

I'm very grateful to our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on his dedication and visions for Singapore. While Singapore has no natural resources, we have the never give-up spirit.

As a disabled person using wheelchair ever since age 16, I'm thankful that I was able to received education like everyone else and able to live a normal life in this beloved country without much prejudices. Keep going One Nation and never give-up spirit.

eugene soh 蘇有仁

medium : Acrylics, Oil, Pastels, Water Color     



Interview article by Hwa Ling magazine